Buy in Andorra Your Medicine Has it’s Advantages

Many people come to Andorra to buy their medicines. This is due to several factors such as the shortage of a drug in your country of origin, the withdrawal of the sale and/or prohibition in the country of origin, the difference in price, etc…

Buying in Andorra has always had its advantages. Andorra is a country dedicated to trade and tourism, something that is also part of our history. For many, many years tourists come expressly to our country to make their purchases either by price difference or because here you can find everything.

The pharmacy today is a key point for the tourist. More and more people arrive in Andorra to make their purchases of medicines, homeopathy, pharmacy, Naturopathy…. This is mainly due to the price difference or to which any medicinal product can be imported in Andorra, regardless of their country of origin, provided that they comply with the legal regulations of distribution and safety.

Buy in pharmacies in Andorra

Whatever the cause that makes more and more people go to Andorra for their medication, the truth is that buying medicines or other products of parapharmacy, homeopathy or naturopathy in this small country has its advantages:

International medicines: In Andorra it is permitted by law to import and market any medicinal products, from any part of the World (France, United Kingdom, USA, etc…) All these medicines are safe and quality, and are rigorously subject to the quality standards that affect the production, distribution, storage and dispensing of medicines, which allows us to ensure and ensure that the medicines provide the Therapeutic effects for those who have been indicated.

More economical prices: the fact of being able to import from any country of the world and on the other hand, the low taxes that apply to the medicines and in general to all the products of parapharmacy, homeopathy and naturopathy, makes that the pharmacies of Andorra can be more Competitive and prices in pharmacy are more accessible.

New drugs: New drugs appear all over the world every day. In Andorra, once they have been approved by their country of origin, these medicines arrive immediately, without having to wait for the two or three years of tests demanded by other countries before approving their marketing.

Medical prescriptions: Another advantage is that, in the case of prescription drugs, the optional prescriptions of Spanish or French physicians are valid in Andorra, which does not happen in many other countries.

Shortages: In Andorra we do not suffer many problems of shortages, as happens in other countries or currently, for example, in Spain with the issue of vaccines. By being allowed to import vaccines from other countries, we can facilitate access to these drugs and vaccines to all those who need them.

Pharmacy and Parapharmacy in Andorra

Within what is the pharmacy in Andorra, the magistral formulation remains very present, although currently the parapharmacy has acquired much importance within the pharmaceutical sector and has grown in recent years in a spectacular way, especially the Dermocosmetics sector.

Medicines can only be dispensed in pharmacies. All homeopathy are included as medicaments, as well as the phytotherapy products that describe their therapeutic uses in their label.

It is understood by products of parapharmacy those that are not medicines but they are consumed (dermocosmetics, orthopedics…), applied or used by the human being, to improve or to contribute to the health care of the healthy people.

The most sold products in Parapharmacy are those of dermopharmacy, which include all types of cosmetics, photoprotectors, personal hygiene products….

However, medicinal plant preparations may be sold in parapharmacy provided that no reference is made to their therapeutic, diagnostic or preventive properties in the information attached to the preparation.

Other usual sections in pharmacies today are dietary and nutrition. In these sections is where you will find the baby milks, porridges, special foods, low calorie diet foods, etc…

Within the pharmacy we also find the sanitary products that are those destined to cures and Prineros aid: gauzes, plasters, bandages, dressings, teats, pacifiers, bottles, lactation products, diapers, lice, orthopedic products …

The legislation requires that the people who attend the pharmacy’s counter are licensed in pharmacy or have the qualification of a pharmacist, but there must always be a qualified pharmacist. On the other hand, in parapharmacy, no qualification is required, although it is always advisable that the people who serve in parapharmacy are professionals, well prepared and in constant formation, to serve in an adequate and satisfactory way to the client.

In Andorra’s parapharmacy, products must also comply with current legal requirements.

The labelling should show data such as:

  • Clear identification of the product.
  • Name and address of the company responsible for the product.
  • How to use, warnings or precautions.
  • Composition (INCI)
  • Expiration date and lot number.
  • Only health products must include the labelling of the European Union with the EC acronym.


The naturopathy is based on natural means that try to prevent the disease and/or recover the state of health and well-being.

The naturopaths are people who are formed, with extensive knowledge of the human body and who help to enhance self-healing abilities including healthy habits to ensure and ensure lasting health.

On the other hand, the naturopathy with the pharmacy are becoming more and more united. Each time they are elaborated and they are more demanded by the users, more natural products, ecological, especially nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics and organic food. This also allows pharmacies to offer solutions to people who have specific needs such as vegans or celiacs.

It may seem that the naturopathy in the pharmacy is a current trend, but the truth is that already ancient cultures used medicinal plants that used as drugs. This handbook of all the knowledge of the natural pharmacy was developed by Hippocrates, Dioscorides, Galen and his disciples. Oriental cultures have also used pharmacological remedies taken from nature, we see it today even with Ayurvedic medicine that claims that any substance can have medicinal value, it is only a matter of knowing how to use it.

Phytotherapy is also very present in the pharmacy. It uses vegetables to improve health, eating them and observing, we learned the effects of the use of different natural elements. Phytotherapy is a real pharmacy in which the different components show their efficacy for diseases, besides being natural elements and therefore balanced.

In our case, following our philosophy and without losing the pharmaceutical rigor, in our pharmacy we apply the knowledge of the natural world to the pharmaceutical world. Thanks to this, we have sections that differentiate us from natural medicine, organic food, homeopathy, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and floral therapy.

These products are also imported from any country in the world, which allows us to have a lot of product variety and very affordable prices for the final consumer.


Homeopathy is a curative method that involves treating the patients small doses of those substances that, in higher doses, would produce a healthy person symptoms equal or similar to those that are intended to be combated.

Homeopathy is especially suitable for treating certain conditions such as headaches, digestive disorders and diseases of nervous origin, as well as stimulating the immune system to fight infectious diseases, although it cannot eliminate Pathogenic agents that cause them.

Homeopathy is a world of contrasts, has as many followers as critics who doubt its effectiveness and ensure that its benefits are due to a placebo effect. Experts ensure that their efficacy is proven and insist on other advantages of homeopathy such as the absence of toxicity or side effects, making it accessible to pregnant women, children or elderly people.

What is true is that homeopathy is prescribed by more than 10,000 physicians in Spain and patients who resort to this type of medicine are counted by thousands and thousands.

Homeopathic medicines can be used alone or, along with other treatments, especially in chronic diseases. In this case, the use of homeopathic treatments associated with the conventional ones, allows in many cases, under the supervision of the specialist, to reduce the conventional medication and/or its side effects.

In Andorra, homeopathic Medicmantos must be prescribed by physicians and dispensed by pharmacists. Like any other drug are regulated by the Ministry of Health.

Homeopathy is present in all pharmacies in Andorra. It has a considerable price difference in relation to Spain. This is the main reason why there is so much demand in Andorran pharmacies.

This price difference is due to several factors that we have explained above, but also contributes that in the country of origin, of which we import, many of the strains are subsidized by the social security, which contributes to that the price is lower .

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