Tips to Buy Slimming Products Online

More and more people turn to the internet for slimming products because it represents a quick and easy alternative.

At the pharmacy we received, especially at this time of the year, numerous consultations on drugs and slimming supplements, as well as if you can buy online, and although we from the pharmacy, we always try to resolve the doubts that come and Responding to all concerns, it is also necessary to report on the sale of these products on the Internet because they also have their risks, many of them unnecessary and that can jeopardize your health.

Therefore, today we want to offer a series of tips and recommendations to take into account before buying slimming products over the Internet.

Recommendations to buy slimming online

Every day, we get consultations on which is the best treatment to lose weight and the effectiveness of a specific medicine or supplement for this purpose.

The first thing to be clear that both the effectiveness and the best treatment depend on your body and your needs. For example, if you need to lose weight because of a fluid retention problem, you’ll have a better drain than a fat burner.

Therefore we recommend you to go first to your doctor, because it is the person who has to guide you through this process of slimming.

That said and thanks to the collaboration of our digital marketing department, we leave some advice to follow before buying products to lose weight online.

Do not buy thinning medications or supplements anywhere.

  • Before making any purchases, investigate the website. Verifies that it is a real company, for it checks in the Web site the contact data and Verif√≠calos (name, address, telephone, NIF…)
  • In the case of drugs, only accredited pharmacies can sell over-the-counter medications on the Internet, although each country has its own legislation and it may happen that a drug requires prescription in a particular country and not in the neighbor. Make sure that the web you are looking at meets the requirements established by law, avoid buying fakes that may have serious consequences for your health.
  • Search opinions in search engines do users speak well? Do you have negative comments? If you have any questions or have trouble finding information, better refrain from making the purchase on that website.
  • Make sure that the page you’re visiting is who he says he is. Sometimes it can happen that a simple word or letter, makes us believe that we are on a specific website and we are actually browsing the same as the trusted site. There are many fraudulent web copies. If you have any questions, it is best to copy and paste the correct URL in the browser.
  • Make sure you know all the details and conditions of the product purchase (price, shipping costs, delivery time…). Above all, in this type of products you need to make sure that you have all the certificates issued by the corresponding health agencies.
  • When it comes to providing personal data or introducing some other personal information, you better trust the pages with SSL security certificate. These pages send information securely. They differ because the URL starts with https instead of HTTP and the same Google tells you that the site is safe as you can see in the image below.
  • If you decide to make the payment by card you know that the virtual TPV are safe but we can always end up in a fraudulent web or be victims of phishing. The phishing is a fraudulent form with which you obtain confidential information to make scams by Internet. To avoid stealing our card data it is best to use an exclusive card to make purchases online. You can load it with a certain amount to avoid major risks.
  • Make purchases from your personal computer and keep your operating system updated, as well as your browser and antivirus programs.
  • Never, ever buy slimming medications, food supplements, or any other health, medical or food products to individuals, or on second-hand product sales portals.

Fake Slimming Drugs

Not long ago, we talked about the health risk of buying counterfeit erectile dysfunction medications.

Any counterfeit medicine is a health risk. Europe has already voiced alarm over the strong increase in counterfeit or adulterated drugs circulating on the net.

The data published by WHO. Which refer to counterfeit medicines, speak for themselves:
Counterfeit medicines move about 25 million, 000 a year.
WHO estimates that every year about 100,000 people die from the consumption of counterfeit medicines.
10% of the drugs sold in China are false.
In the poorest countries counterfeiters take advantage of the shortage of medicines to sell their counterfeit products, while in the more industrialized countries they do so via the Internet.

Without leaving far behind, we have the case of the death of 100 minors in Nigeria who were treated with adulterated syrup, or in Mexico the burn ointment which was nothing more than a mixture of sawdust.

More recently, just a few days ago, several media echoed the case of Nathalie-Jade 18 years, after buying a diet pills online had to be hospitalized with serious heart problems that today has not yet Overcome.

The number of pages that sell drugs like the one I buy this girl grows quickly. The problem with most of these websites is that they are outside the jurisdiction of a country.

Last year alone, 17.5 million of dollars were seized on drugs and fake medical products, of which 3 million were pills for erectile dysfunction and more than 300,000 doses of slimming pills, as well as medicines to treat serious illnesses Health like cancer.

Why do people buy medicines online?

One of the main reasons for buying this type of medicine on the internet is because of shame. Many people who buy erectile dysfunction pills online do it for this reason.

Another factor is for comfort. Shopping online is easy, comfortable and fast.

Others do it because on certain websites they are not required a prescription they don’t have.

How to identify a fake medicine?

The differences between a false medicine and an authentic one can be found mainly in its composition, in its physical aspect and in the safety and efficacy.

Composition: A medicine not only contains active ingredients, it also includes other elements that help to stabilize or preserve it for proper absorption in the organism. False drugs contain incorrect components or inadequate doses of the active ingredients, either by excess or by fault.

Physical appearance: the labels and documentation associated with the medication may contain the name of the drug or its information but incorrectly.

In the box, in the blister, the leaflet or any other form of packaging, you can also observe alterations such as asusencia of stickers and security holograms.

According to WHO, the most frequent irregularities in counterfeit medicines are:

  • Incorrect amount of active ingredient (a lower amount may be equal to or more dangerous than excess).
  • Wrong active principle.
  • Absence of active principle.
  • Toxic or non-medicinal components (such as industrial paint, waxes, talc, chalk, etc.)
  • Packing and a false documentation.

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